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My bootleg ratings as you have probably noticed are VERY critical. I’m very picky about the look, sound and quality of the show, so my ratings will reflect that. I rarely ever rate an audience show 5/5. The show has to be spectacular and has to look or sound like it was done professionally or pretty damn close. So for those tapers & filmers that get upset easily over ratings, please know its nothing personal, I’m just really picky.

My Ratings:

I run my rating scale from 1-5 with 1 being the absolute worst quality show ever. I also add plus or minus signs to ratings because some shows deserve it in some cases.

5-/5+ = Excellent show! Great sound and/or picture and overall quality.

4-/4+ = Great show and above average. This show may have some video and/or audio issues but overall it looks & sounds great.

3-/3+ = Average show. Just your typical bootleg. This show may be a little bit dark if its a video or have some distortion in the video. If its an audio show it may be a little bit muddy or muffled in sound or be a little bit too low to hear properly. Overall this is a so-so show with a few issues.

2-/2+ = Not so great quality. Still watchable and/or listenable but not really for the faint of heart. This show will have some larger issues with sound and/or video.

1-/1+ = Horrible, only get this if you are a completest! The quality of this show is disastrous in my opinion. There are issues everywhere with sound and/or video on this show.

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