Annihilator – 1990-09-23 Vera, Groningen, Netherlands (FLAC)

Annihilator Groningen 1990 Frequency Analysis

General Bootleg Information:

Band/Artist: Annihilator
Date: 1990-09-23
Venue: Vera
City: Groningen
Country: Netherlands
Tour: Never, Neverland Tour

Taper: R Huizinga
Generation: 1st
File Size: 570MB
Format: FLAC / 16BIT
Tracks: 19
Source: Audience
Length: 82:34
Rating: 3+/5

Lineage: TDK D (type I) >> technics cassette deck (Azimuth Corrected) >> Zoom h2n (wav 24/48) >> sandisk >> USB >> PC >> Audacity (edits) >> dBpoweramp music converter wav 16/44 >> TLH (fixing SBE`s) >> CD wave editor (cue sheet) >> dBpoweramp music converter >> FLAC (level 8) >> DC++ Hub DL >> MyHDD

Notes: Not too bad sounding, pretty clear, no static.


1. Intro – Crystal Ann
2. W.T.Y.D.
3. The Fun Palace
4. Wicked Mystic
5. Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade
6. Reduced to Ash
7. Never, Neverland
8. I Am in Command
9. Stonewall
10. Kraf Dinner
11. Drum Solo
12. Bliss (intro)
13. Road to Ruin
14. Sixes and Sevens
15. Schizos (Are Never Alone) Parts I & II
16. Phantasmagoria
17. Word Salad
18. Alison Hell
19. Human Insecticide

Frequency Analysis:

Annihilator Groningen 1990 Frequency Analysis

Spectral Analysis:

Annihilator Groningen 1990 Spectral Analysis

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