New Rules For Video Trading

New Rules For Video Trades

Why The New Rules?

Since I’m getting an influx of new traders contacting me for video trades, I’ve run across some traders that have lower quality videos than what is stated on other trader lists. I’m finding this mainly with Slipknot traders, but these new rules will pertain to EVERY new video trade from now on.

What I Expect:

For the most part I expect that shows are as complete as possible.

I expect videos to be in the following formats:

  • DVD5: Full VOB files. I prefer that the video be complete meaning it’s not missing the BUP or IFO files if you can help it. If it is missing those files it will not bar me from trading for the show as long as it’s comparable to what other traders have on their lists.
  • DVD9: Again full VOB files. And like above I prefer the BUP & IFO files be intact, but it will not bar me from trading with you.
  • BLU-RAYS: I prefer that blu-rays are complete meaning all the files you need to burn the show to disc are there, but it will not bar me from trading for a BR if they are missing. A blu-ray MUST have the main M2TS or MTS file(s). I DO NOT consider MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG or any other format to be a blu-ray no matter what size it is.
  • MKV/MP4/MOV/AVI/MPG: I do trade for these as many of them are awesome quality. I do expect them to be the same size, duration & quality found on other trader’s lists. I will trade one of these file formats for a Blu-Ray if they are about the same size as the BR we are trading for.

What I flat out will NOT except:

  • ASF/WMV/FLV/SWF: As a general rule I will NOT accept these unless they are the only source and other traders have it listed as the only source for that show. If they are the only source for the show they MUST be the same size & duration that is found on other trader’s lists.
  • CONVERTED SHOWS: Video shows that have been converted from the original source such as a DVDRip, Blu-Ray Rip and so on. If the show has been converted from a MASTER to DVD, Blu-Ray etc., then that is fine. But lossy video versions I will not accept unless it is the only source for that show. If it is the only source it should match what is on other trader’s lists.

Let’s talk about YouTube sources:

Personally YT sources will not bar me from making the trade. I do try my best to list YT sources when I know them. These days many YT sources are actually pretty good quality unless the person downloaded it from a YouTube channel and then converted it into a DVD, Blu-Ray and so on. There are many filmers who trade shows that have YT channels and post shows they filmed on their channel. To me that is NOT YouTube sourced unless they downloaded their own show and converted it into some other format which would be pretty stupid. I’m sure there are a shit ton of traders who disagree with this and that is fine. If YouTube sourced stuff is a problem for you, then let me know in advance and I’ll send screen shots & what info I have on a show before we do the trade.

New Rules For Video Trades:

If we have never traded before then I expect the following:

  • At least 3 full screens shots of each show taken from various points.
  • The info file if you have it. If you don’t that is ok.
  • The file size of the complete show.
  • The duration of the show.
  • The show format (DVD5/VOB, DVD9/VOB, BR, MKV, MP4, etc.).

If for some reason you do not wish to do this, then you can forget about the trade all together. I’m tired of making trades with people and getting crappy results from shitty shows they try to pass off as real bootlegs.

If we have traded before these rules do not apply to you if you have not sent shit in the past.

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