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I am actually a veteran trader. I have not traded in a few years though. I’m just getting started again as of February 2020. I traded off and on in the past since about 2001ish. Many years ago I went as MaidenMadMan and more recently I’ve traded under the name HerzeleidMeister. I still trade as HerzeleidMeister today. I hold accounts on DIME & Trader’s Den. I also am a member of the Eddie’s Legacy Hub. Sadly, I got rid of all my old bootlegs that I had on my list from years ago, so I’m starting all over. So if you have seen my trade page on Tumblr, I do not have any of those shows currently. I only have what is listed on this site.

Please if we are involved in a trade and I seem to fall off and not get your show up within 2 or 3 days contact me through my email. I’ve recently have had a TBI and I sometimes forget shit. So please be patient and contact me to let me know I forgot you and I’ll rectify it immediately.

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I'm a metal bootleg trader from Little Rock, AR, USA looking for German metal & industrial bands to trade such as Rammstein, Oomph!, Megaherz, Eisbrecher & Das Ich. I'm also interested in any other German metal bands that mainly sing in German.

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