1. If we have never traded before and you contact me first you send first, I will do the same.

2. VIDEOS: Please let me know in advance if a show is YouTube sourced, a DVD-RIP or VCD sourced. I DO NOT want super lossy shit! I'm only interested in DVD'S, HD Video (720p or 1080p), 4K Video and Blu-Rays. Sorry I am not interested in Deer 5001 shows, please let me know in advance if the show I request was authored by Deer 5001.

3. AUDIO: NO MP3 SHIT...PERIOD!!! I will check all shows for MP3 and MP3 sources. I will want a replacement for every show that is MP3 sourced. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Please let me know in advance if you do not check your files. If you do not check your files then I'll require samples of each show so I can test them.

4. AUDIO & VIDEO: NO OFFICIALS!!! Please check all your shows to make sure they are NOT an official release.

5. If you do not have a real trade list do not bother contacting me until you do. Screen shots DO NOT count as a trade list. Looking at your “share” on DC++ also DOES NOT count.

6. Be prepared to send screen shots or samples of shows I may have a question about. If you do not want to do that, then don't bother to waste my time.

7. I only trade online using Google Drive, MediaFire, WeTransfer, FileMail, MEGA, private torrent or a DC++ hub. I no longer do Snail Mail trades.