Trade Rules


You MUST send a trade list, a page where your list can be downloaded or a trade website URL. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! I will no longer answer any emails without ACTUAL trade lists or websites. Taking a screen shot of your shows on your HD DOES NOT COUNT!


1. For large trades I prefer to trade via private torrent or a DC++ Hub.
2. If we have never traded before and you contact me first you send first, I’ll do the same.
3. Please let me know in advance if a show is YouTube sourced, VCD sourced or MP3 sourced.
4. If you do not have a trade list do not bother contacting me until you do.

Snail trades are very selective. I will only trade via snail mail if its the only option.


The above rules (with the exception of rule #1) as well as what is listed below.

1. Please do not write on discs.
2. Send trade in a bubble mailer.
3. Burn the disc DOA (Disc At Once) and finalize it.
4. Put discs in paper CD envelopes.
5. Send via Air Mail.
6. Please do not send registered mail.
7. If sending from outside the US send the trade as a “gift” on the customs form.
8. Please label the discs with a sticky note to let me know what show it is.
9. Please send all shows burned on DVD’S or BLU-RAY discs. I prefer BR but if you don’t have a BR burner DVD’S are ok. I do this with audio as well as most of my audio is in FLAC, SHN, APE or WAV.